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Sheltered International Founder Andrew Ciccarone

Sheltered International Founder Shares Journey of Transforming the Freight Forwarding Experience Andrew Ciccarone knew the freight forwarding industry was in need of a technological face lift. After graduating from Florida State University in January 2011, he became the East Coast Manager for an international freight forwarding and customs service. After four years with the company, he became restless. Armed with a knack for technology and a natural entrepreneurial spirit, Ciccarone couldn’t help but notice a resistance in the industry to keep up with advances in technology. He saw clear opportunities for improvement in the freight…
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Is Your Business Prepared for the Chinese New Year?

  The Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is China’s most important holiday. This year, the festival begins on January 25th, 2020. Similar to Thanksgiving or Christmas in the US, people travel back home during the holiday season to spend time with their family —with one giant difference. All Chinese offices and factories close for nearly three working weeks, allowing workers in coastal Chinese cities to travel to their inland homes. The period of increased travel surrounding CNY is the largest human migration in the world. If you are wondering why one of…
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Fernandina Beach Observer – Upstairs, Downtown: Sheltered International

Sheltered International Featured in Fernandina Beach Observer   As people stroll along Fernandina Beach’s Centre Street, window shopping and enjoying their ice cream cones, most are oblivious to what’s happening on the second floors of all those historic buildings.  There are architects, insurance agents, attorneys, various consultants and other service providers conducting business above the retail shops. One of the more intriguing upstairs businesses we found recently is Sheltered International.  From the name you would be hard put to guess what it does.  Tents?  Animal shelters?  Hurricane shelters?  The answer is none of the above. …
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