At Sheltered International, we focus on technology to improve service for all your needs – whether you move freight by air, ocean, rail, or truck. Our technology solutions give complete visibility at your fingertips. From quoting to tracking, we’ve reduced the need to wait on emails and phone calls. You’ll save time directly through – our new online platform that helps you instantly rate and track your cargo.

Get started with a quote

Learn how to Instantly quote shipments worldwide. (1:52 min)

Custom and Spot Rates

Quote door locations outside the U.S., overweight and oversized cargo. (1:36 min)

Tracking Technology

Track with any carrier to view shipments, updates and more all in one place so you can avoid the manual work of emails and Excel sheets. (1:10 min)

Sending Reports

Keep busy colleges updated automatically with a few simple adjustments to email settings. (1:13 min)

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