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Reliability of Containerships Drops to New Lows

Reliability of Containerships Drops to New Lows

Understanding the Effect of Tradeline Congestion on Containership Reliability

2020 disrupted the global supply chain in unpredictable ways and it appears 2021 has begun to follow suit. Containership reliability numbers have plummeted causing average shipment delays to increase. Within this post, we will discuss the cause and spread of this decline to ensure you understand the possible delays in current shipping schedules. 

A Sharp Decrease in Reliability 

During the last half of 2020, there was a widely apparent decline in the reliability of containerships arriving on-time. For the last 5 months, the reliability steadily declined to the lowest it has ever been reported since the benchmark was introduced by Sea Intelligence in 2011. In December of last year, it was reported that under half of the vessels had arrived on their scheduled arrival date whereas, during 2018 the same rate was well above 70%. Creating a significant drop in timely arrivals. In the year spanning from December 2019 to December 2020, the on-time arrival rate had a decline of over 30%. With these numbers, containership arrivals are more unpredictable than ever. 

Tradeline Congestion Causes Reliability Decrease

The surge in demand that was brought on by a global lockdown has flooded ports worldwide and the capacity of significant tradelines has been reached. This congestion results in a slowing of all containership arrivals. Sea Intelligence Consulting chief executive Alan Murphy warns that “With continued widespread port congestion, and with carriers still not letting off capacity-wise (especially on the major trades) shippers might not see improving schedule reliability until the second quarter of 2021.” Meaning these delays will be present well into this newly began year. 

The Spread of Reliability Decline Across Carriers 

This decline is apparent across all carriers’ reported numbers for the last half of 2020. Within this time frame, there was not a single documented carrier that managed to improve their year to year reliability. Along with the decrease in reliability, comes a greater occurrence of vessels arriving later than expected. A vessel’s current average delay is reported to be around 5-6 days, as compared to last year’s average delay of about 4 days. Currently, within the US the decline in reliability is at its lowest. There is roughly a rate of less than 1 in 3 for containerships avoiding delays. 

How Sheltered International Can Help  

With these unpredictable declines, there is no time more critical than now to choose the best possible company for your shipping needs. With Sheltered International we can ensure the quickest and most reliable options for your company when current circumstances are not so reliable. 

To learn more about SiShips, or to view a demo of our software, contact us today.

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Sheltered International Gets a New Look for 2021

Refreshed SiShips Software, Updated Logo Are Just the First of Big Changes Coming for 2021

At Sheltered International, we believe that challenges inspire innovation. Although 2020 has had some unexpected obstacles, we’ve also been challenged to continually improve our software and deliver the best possible experience for our clients. As we enter 2021, we’re striving to maintain that momentum. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that we’ll be launching a software refresh for SiShips on January 1, 2021, featuring a brand-new logo and custom designs developed in partnership with our new design team in Budapest. We’re confident that this new look will help SiShips continue to provide excellent service for your freight forwarding needs.

Introducing Our New LogoSheltered International New Logo

Featuring a combination of our initials “S” and “I”, our new logo was inspired by the blade propellers on ships and airplanes. This inspiration draws not just from our brand identity but our focus: to bring our clients the best shipping solutions, both by air and by sea. “We are really excited about the new branding and user interface being led by our design team in Budapest,” said Sheltered International CEO Andrew Ciccarone, “The main challenge was to refresh without restarting. Pulling inspiration from the propeller shape was genius.”


Sheltered International Logo Redesign

Custom Google Maps Design

To ensure your experience within SiShips is optimized for efficiency, we’ve also refreshed our map design. Used to power our live satellite tracking, Google Maps is a key part of our software, and with a sleek, minimal look, it’s easy for you to find the information you’re looking for without all the clutter. Thanks to simplified shipment tracking visuals, you’ll be able to save time and enjoy a sleek, streamlined shipping experience.

SiShips Satellite Tracking

Coming Soon: The SiShips Mobile App

Our updates for 2021 don’t end with a refreshed software: We’re thrilled to be releasing a SiShips mobile app, launching in Q2 2021. Offering even more flexibility and mobility, the app will let you track your shipments, generate quotes, and manage your freight all from your mobile phone. We know you’re busy building your business – that’s why we’re here to help you earn back your time and reinvest it where it counts.


Want to learn more about SiShips and how it can help you build your business? Contact our team today.


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Using SiShips’s New Deadline Tracking Feature

Managing Holiday Deadlines, Port Congestion With Deadline Tracking

With the holidays quickly approaching, conditions continue to deteriorate at US gateway ports. Congestion has already significantly impacted ports around the country, particularly along the west coast, subsequently driving up trucking rates and drastically slowing delivery times. To be expected around the holidays, surging ocean freight demand is placing the system under even greater stress. This year, however, this has been compounded by equipment shortages, overbooks, blank sailings, and existing port congestion.

To combat these obstacles, we’ve added a new Deadline Tracking feature to our SiShips software. With Deadline Tracking, you can better predict how your shipments will be impacted by potential delays. This knowledge will allow you to make informed decisions for your business during the holidays. Read on to learn more about how to use this new feature.

Holiday Port Congestion

With holiday shoppers choosing e-commerce options over in-person ones, shippers are being tested to keep up with demand. West coast ports, in particular, are experiencing drastic increases in capacity: The Port of Long Beach handled 806,603 TEUs in October, breaking its previous record that had only been set in September.

Unsurprisingly, major online retailers like Amazon are a key factor in driving this surge: last month, 79% of Amazon’s shipments arrived via Los Angeles/Long Beach. Overall, e-commerce sales have increased 19.9% year on year, and experts predict sales in November and December alone will see a 33% year on year surge.

How to Use Deadline Tracking for Your Shipments

Ocean cargo shipments can be complex, particularly with the many added factors currently at play. Our Deadline Tracking was designed to simplify the experience and provide you with valuable knowledge.

Incorporated into your shipment’s timeline, the Deadline Tracking feature will display in red if the ETA will not meet your deadline. Note that if there is no door delivery option, the deadline will use the last port date.

Once your freight has shipped, the deadline will transfer from quotes and bookings into tracking automatically. Once the delivery is completed, the deadline will show the difference (+/-) between delivery and desired deadline.

Don’t have a deadline? Just tick the box next to “Any Deadlines” to skip this step.

Deadline Tracking SiShips Freight Forwarding

We know managing shipments can be difficult. That’s why we used our extensive years in freight forwarding to develop SiShips. With this software, quoting, tracking, and planning are made easy, so you can spend less time worrying about freight forwarding and more time improving your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how SiShips can simplify your shipping experience.


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SiShips Adds Full Container Rates from Europe

Partnership with European Group Provides Expertise, Instant Quotes for Major EU Ports


We are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded the auto quoting function of our software SiShips to now include European shipping lanes. With booking available directly through our system, auto quotes are an efficient way to ensure you’re getting the best rates for your shipment and can save you and your business valuable time and money. “Expanding our instant quoting service to Europe means increased carrier options, capacity, and rate transparency – all at our customer’s fingertips,” says Sheltered International founder Andrew Ciccarone. Read on to learn more about the new function.

Providing EU Full Container Rates

While SiShips previously offered auto quotes from Asian ports, European ports were more complex. “The EU market is very diverse, with many small countries each requiring niche market knowledge,” explains Ciccarone. “This can make the market particularly difficult for a customer to navigate efficiently.”

Although SiShips already provides spot quotes for European shipping lanes, we wanted to provide the ease and efficiency of auto quotes for those clients shipping from Europe as well as from Asia. The solution? Partner with a European business, combining its expertise with that of Sheltered International. “Our partner in the EU was established in 1968, has more than 40 offices in 25 countries, and over 100 million euros of purchasing power,” says Ciccarone. “SiShips technology combined with that expertise and purchasing power is a compelling benefit for our customers.”

How to Access Full Container Auto Quotes

Obtaining a full container quote in the SiShips system is easy. Simply click “Quotes,” within the software, then click “Full Container Auto Quote.” From there, input the origin city and destination. The software can provide auto quotes for ports in the following countries:

auto quotes shipping European ports

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom


If the port you’re shipping from isn’t available for an auto quote, our experts are available to provide a custom quote for your business. Simply request a spot quote and our team will get back to you with rates and routes available. Learn more about requesting a quote.


Ready to streamline your freight forwarding experience? From quoting to tracking, SiShips makes shipping easy, giving you more time to worry about building your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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Save Your Business Valuable Time with SiShips’ Quoting Tools

Understanding SiShips Auto Quoting and Spot Quoting Options

With so many carriers and shipping routes available, finding the right quote for your shipment can be overwhelming. Even worse, countless back-and-forth emails takes time that would be better spent focusing on other areas of your business. Our software SiShips offers quoting tools that save you that time – and provide accurate, easy-to-filter quotes that give you the ability to find the best fit for your product. We provide both auto quotes and spot quotes and let you book and track both directly through our system. Read on to learn about the two quoting options and to discover how easy they are to use.

freight forwarding quoting software

Understanding Auto Versus Spot Quotes

The SiShips software can produce two different quotes: the auto quote and the spot, or custom, quote. Both options require basic information, including origins, destinations, product type, and weight. Once you input this, our system will quickly determine which type of quote is right for your freight. Standard shipments will receive instant results, while shipments that require additional information or special circumstances will be prompted to request a custom quote. No matter which type of quote you get, you can administer it through SiShips – just as easily as you track shipments, manage customers, and so much more.

How and When to Use Auto Quotes

Auto quotes are the right fit for a variety of overseas imports and exports, and can be applied to ocean cargo for both LCL and FCL shipments. Specifically, auto quotes for LCL cover imports from origin port to destination door and exports from origin door to destination port. Quotes for FCL cover imports from Asian origin ports to American doors and exports from American origin doors to main destination ports. Using the system to find a quote can save you several hours, instantly providing you with all pricing, carrier, and route options.

To get an auto quote using SiShips, all you need to do is select your mode and input your origin and destination. From there, our software does the rest. You’ll be presented with all of the details of each option and can filter by cost or route to find the best choice for you. Leaving the container size fields blank will show you all of your options, giving you extra flexibility and the power to make the best decision for your business. These quotes can be emailed or printed directly from the screen and can be booked instantly as well.

The video below shows how to use the SiShips software to build an auto quote. Please note that air cargo is not currently covered with our auto quotes, as the market is changing weekly. Find details below about custom quoting for air freight.

When to Use Custom or Spot Quotes

Not all shipments can fit under the auto quotes umbrella. For those that can’t be calculated automatically, SiShips will prompt you to create a custom quote. This applies to shipments that are oversized, overweight, or require door pick-up or delivery in locations outside of the United States. Additionally, due to currently fluctuating rates, all air freight quotes are also redirected to the custom quote feature. Our spot quoting ensures you’re quoted accurately and can stay on top of market changes.

The software will ask for as much information as you have available, including weight and dimensions. You can also add extra details, such as any deadlines or the shipment’s value, and upload any relevant files you may have. While not all of this information is required, more specifics allow our pricing team to create a faster and more accurate custom quote for your shipment.

Once you’ve submitted the form, the “View Quotes” tab will help you keep track of all of your spot quote requests, including those that have been booked. To ensure you get all the information you need, our team may reach out to contacts overseas for further details. As a result, our average time frame for a spot quote is 24-48 hours.

If you ever have any questions about your quote, whether auto or custom, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our pricing team at

The video below shows how to use the SiShips software to build a custom quote.

With our software SiShips, you can streamline your freight forwarding experience. That means less time managing shipments and more time building your business. Contact us today to learn more.


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3 Things Every Business Should Know About Cargo Insurance

Why Cargo Insurance Policies Are the Best Ways to Protect Your Shipments

It’s vital for your business that your shipments arrive at their destination safely. While it’s true that carriers offer some amount of protection for your shipment, this coverage is very limited. To protect your business and your goods against unexpected events, purchasing cargo, or freight, insurance is crucial. Read on to learn more about the types of policies available, the limitations of carrier liability, and how Sheltered International can help you find the right insurance for your business and your peace of mind.

Cargo Insurance Loss Coverage

Understanding Carrier Liability and Declared Value

Warehouses and carriers will only be required to pay when loss or damage to your goods is proven to be their responsibility – and the burden of proof is usually on the shipper. That means that natural disasters, Acts of God, fire, and numerous other potential problems will leave you without financial protection. Likewise, all carriers have a limit of liability, resulting in a compensation far lower than the actual value of the goods. For example, an ocean carrier is limited to $500 per package.

Declared Value is a means of increasing this potential value; however, it still does not remove the burden of proof placed on the shipper and often still results in compensation less than the shipment value. Though often confused with cargo insurance, Declared Value is not the same and does not offer the same level of protection.

What Cargo Insurance Covers

Cargo insurance protects your shipment while it is in transit, even as it moves through different modes and carriers. While carrier liability is limited, cargo insurance offers door-to-door coverage and will pay for losses that are outside the carrier’s control. Additionally, the shipper will recuperate the full value of the cargo lost or damaged, as well as freight or other associated costs. Coverage is generally either All-Risk or Free of Particular Average (FPA); which of the two primary types of policies is chosen will determine the spectrum of situations covered.

All Risk Insurance is the most common type of policy and covers by far the broadest range of incidents. All events are covered unless explicitly excluded in the policy. Commonly excluded situations include nuclear events, strikes, and riots, as well as innate flaws in the goods like inadequate packaging or decay.

By contrast, FPA coverage, or ‘named-perils coverage’ is more limited and excludes most partial losses of shipments due to common causes such as rough handling or pilferage unless explicitly named in the policy. It also does not cover heavy weather, theft of an entire shipping package, improper stowage, and other more common occurrences. A full coverage comparison can be found at right, via Roanoke Trade. Often, FPA coverage is the only available option for shipments of used merchandise and bulk goods. It is also most common for marine insurance policies, as compared to those covering other methods of transport like air freight or trucks.

What Cargo Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Of course, regardless of the type of policy chosen, it is important to note that cargo insurance only protects physical loss or damage. Customs rejection, cargo abandonment, delays, and other events that could result in financial losses are not covered, even under an All Risk policy.

How Sheltered International Can Help

Cargo insurance is an undeniably important part in protecting your business. Through our shipment-management software SiShips, we offer consultations and support in finding a policy that works for you.

To learn more about how SiShips can help streamline your freight-forwarding process, contact us today.

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Why Your Company Should Use Periodic Monthly Statements

How Sheltered International Makes Filing Duty Payments Easier for Your Business

From saving you time to improving your cash flow, using the Periodic Monthly Statement (PMS) process can offer significant benefits to your business. PMS has no additional cost and allows your business to pay duties monthly in a single payment, instead of for each individual transaction. Combined with our tracking and reporting software SiShips, your business can enjoy simplified reporting and accounting and a greater sense of control when it comes to duty payments.


How Do Periodic Monthly Statements Work?

Periodic Monthly Statements track entry activities throughout the month to provide a single monthly statement. This structure also extends the payment window. While when paying per shipment, the importer must pay duties within 10 business days, PMS offers the importer 15 business days after the end of each cycle to pay. For example, the duties on goods imported between July 1 and July 31 will be summed at the end of the month. The monthly payment is then not due until the fifteenth business day of the following month – in this example, August 21.

With this additional time, your business can extend cash flow by up to 54 days. The single payment not only makes it much easier to track your finances, but also offers significantly more control over your working capital.

How Can My Business Use PMS for Duty Payments?

Get started with PMS by filling out an application and sending it Sheltered International to review and submit to Customs. In a few weeks you will receive a Payer Unit Number (PUNS) from Custom’s ACH team. Once received, you must forward your PUNS number to Sheltered to complete the activation.

How Can SiShips Help?

To streamline the process even further, our software SiShips generates a duty summary (7501) for each entry throughout the month for accounting and record-keeping. Once the month has closed, a final statement will be provided to review before Customs pulls the duty on the 15th business day the following month. These reports can all be easily accessed through our software. That’s less time that you have to spend on accounting and more time you can devote to supporting your customers and growing your business.

With greater control over your cash flow and a simplified payment process, it’s clear that PMS can be valuable for you and your business.

To learn more about how Sheltered International can help finesse your freight forwarding experience, contact us today.

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SiShips Introduces Satellite Tracking for Ocean Cargo

What You Should Know About Satellite AIS Tracking and How It Can Help Your Business

satellite ais tracking

From inclement weather to pandemics, there is a myriad of external factors that can affect your shipment. Knowing where your cargo is at all times offers peace of mind. SiShips has integrated with Satellite AIS tracking to expand its freight tracking capabilities, allowing users to check the position of their ocean cargo with accuracy and ease. This update, provided at no additional cost for customers, offers additional transparency throughout the import and export process, along with valuable data that can be used to optimize shipping procedures.

What Is AIS Tracking?

Automatic Identification Systems, or AIS, are used to track ships at sea. While previously, these systems were limited to terrestrial, or T-AIS tracking, satellites, or S-AIS, provide more expansive tracking coverage. The two methods work together to create a complete, global picture of ship locations. This tracking system is vital to preventing collisions on busy marine routes but can also be used as a means of shipment management.

How SiShips Tracks Your Cargo

While your cargo is at sea, SiShips gathers location data from three leading Satellite AIS providers, ORBCOMM, exactEarth, and Spire. These satellites account for a network of 202,848 vessels, allowing you to track your freight anywhere in the world.

The SiShips software automatically checks and updates the ocean freight’s position multiple times per day, providing real-time insights as well as additional information. A report from the satellite includes the ship’s identification number, or MMSI, its current position, and the direction it’s progressing in. It also offers information about the ship’s speed and details about its status, such as whether or not the engine is being used. We put this information together to give you a complete visual picture of your shipment’s journey, as well as its ETA to each checkpoint. Once your freight is near land, the tracking transitions to a terrestrial AIS system, which is more accurate but limited in range.

satellite ais tracking siships

The Value of Data in Shipment Tracking

Because it was implemented in 1974, there are vast amounts of historical AIS data. This detailed information can be used to anticipate problems, optimize plans, and plan future shipment strategies. With the volumes of data transmitted by these systems, combined with SiShips’ extensive customs and shipment management framework, our software can help businesses apply these insights to manage logistics, reduce costs and react more quickly to disruptions or changes. With more data, your business can improve efficiency, saving you money and reducing stress. Ultimately, with less time spent worrying about your freight, you can get back to the bigger picture: building your business and increasing your margins.


To learn more about how SiShips can save you valuable time and streamline your freight experience, contact us today.

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How a Partnership with Sheltered International Can Grow Your Business Internationally

Gain Support and Build Customer Relationships with Sheltered International

Though international expansion can often mean untapped business opportunity, many domestic shipping providers don’t have the expertise or resources to take this step. Delivering years of experience in the international shipping industry, Sheltered International can help. With support, training, and access to our white-label software SiShips, small businesses can grow globally. Read on to learn how partnering with Sheltered International can instantly streamline your international expansion.

Simplifying International Expansion for Independent Businesses

international shipping sishipsOur technology platform SiShips simplifies all steps of global shipping, from quoting to tracking to billing. With the software, agents and their clients gain freight forwarding and customs brokerage services in 819 cities across 190 countries. This also makes it possible to produce instant international quotes for shipments, providing clients with the information they need immediately. Questions or obstacles are managed by Sheltered International’s team of industry experts, who are always available to provide support and training.

Plus, SiShips includes powerful tracking technology, allowing the user to track and manage both ocean freight and air freight shipments internationally. With this straightforward freight management, agents can increase sales and expand their business, leveraging relationships with existing customers to serve their international needs. Even better, agents that partner with Sheltered International can also earn a commission, just for using and sharing this software. “Our reps are among the best and brightest in the country,” says Sheltered International President Andrew Ciccarone, “Every day I’m amazed to see how their dedication to customer service. It’s this passion that connects Sheltered with opportunity in countless industries and global supply chains; and vice versa.”

How Our Partner Easy Logistics Management Uses SI Ships

Jeremy Curran, owner and founder of Easy Logistics Management is one of Sheltered International’s partners. While his company utilizes a variety of software programs, he believes SiShips is unique. “I personally haven’t seen a product like that,” he says, “The all-in-one-screen platform – it’s like Travelocity for global logistics.”

Jeremy’s choice of Travelocity for comparison isn’t surprising; he’s an avid traveler, and his passion for adventure has guided his niche in logistics management. He specializes in working with industries that align with his passions, including surf and paddleboards, bikes, solar energy equipment, and snow sports equipment. SiShips has helped him simplify complicated international shipping and offer clients a global range of options. Key to growing his business is the ability to communicate simply and understand client needs, answering questions, determining customer pain points, and identifying what needs fixing seamlessly.

“The ability to see international and global logistics in real-time is a huge selling point. It makes it easier to articulate the value proposition to the clients, visually showing them the tool and how it rates,” he says. After working as an outside sales rep for a large shipping company for three years, Jeremy set out on his own in 2009. His team works remotely, so SiShips’ visual nature has made it easier to communicate and grow the company. He says that software development, which has made business easy, scalable, and transparent, is central to his staying in logistics. “None of us work in the same office,” he says, “If we were still faxing, I don’t think I’d still be doing this.”

Using Technology to Streamline Freight Forwarding

Jeremy is just one of many agents who have discovered the power of our technology. From California to Florida, our domestic partners have enjoyed a streamlined freight forwarding experience, bolstered by extensive systems of knowledge and support. With SiShips’ transparency and expert-designed interface, global expansion is more attainable than ever before, easing the stress of growing your business and giving you more time to develop long-lasting relationships with customers.

If you’re an independent shipping agent or logistics manager and you’d like to expand your business internationally, contact us today to learn more about SiShips can work for you.

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Customers, Quotes and Tracking Made Easy with SiShips

How to Use SiShips to Manage Customers, Quotes and Shipments

Whether you are new to SiShips or have been with us since day one, it is clear that technology is the future of the transportation business – and the future is now. our management interface is Designed and built based on our years of shipping and customs expertise, SiShips is intuitive and useful. It guides you through each step of the shipment process, from creating and managing customers to generating accurate quotes to tracking shipments. Read on to explore each element of our software and see how it can help you streamline your import and export experience.

Creating Customersfreight forwarding with SiShips

Your customers are the backbone of your business. Managing them should be simple and seamless – which is why we created a tried and tested user experience that will save you time, money and stress.

To create a customer through SI Ships, simply choose the customers tab and then select “add customer.” From here, you can add any relevant information about your customer that you need, including their name, email, birthday and logo.

Then, you’ll choose a markup. We offer preselected markups that have worked best through our years of experience, with different tiers for different customer sizes. Markups can be adjusted for individual shipments or for specific customers as well.

Quoting Your Customers

It’s a busy week, and your desk is overflowing with to-dos. You need to get out quotes in a timely manner, but another department needs you, pronto. Luckily, you have Sheltered International at your fingertips, so you can develop estimates at the click of a button (and get back to putting out that fire).

Creating quotes allows for quoting air, less than container loads (LCL) or full container shipments – all instantly. Once your customers have been created, you can track their documents or holds, as well as your estimated profit from different quotes.

To put together a quote, simply input the origin and destination information. Then, you can compare ports, which can be filtered by cost or routing. If you have a more complicated quote, (or our auto rate system can’t accommodate your shipment), our custom quote tool is your MVP. This feature can manage shipments which may need a door pickup or delivery outside the US or may be overweight or oversized. It also allows you to provide Sheltered International with detailed information, helping us give you a fast and accurate custom quote. By providing you with all of the information available, SiShips can help you make informed decisions and offer your customers the best quotes possible.

Tracking Shipments

Transparency within tracking is the key to peace of mind. Our unique tracking feature offers complete clarity for your shipment’s progress. With a search feature plus filters, you can locate your shipment easily, and track it around the globe. We also show key milestones, quality assurance checkboxes updated by our operations team as your shipment moves forward. If you have any modifications to pickup or delivery, you can easily get in touch with our team here as well.

Beyond your shipment, you can also manage important documents through SiShips, including bills of lading, commercial invoices and the packing list.

If you’re busy, we offer automatic email reports to be sent to you and your team for effortless updates. You can even customize these notifications, allowing different teams or managers to receive only the notifications which are relevant to them.

With simple and consistent notifications and reports, you can spend more time focusing on your clients and their quotes – and of course, building your margins!

Are you ready to learn how Sheltered International can change the way you move freight?

Get in touch with us.

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