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Biden and Congress Intervene to Prevent Rail Strike

Fernandina Beach Observer – Upstairs, Downtown: Sheltered International

Sheltered International Featured in Fernandina Beach Observer   As people stroll along Fernandina Beach’s Centre Street, window shopping and enjoying their ice cream cones, most are oblivious to what’s happening on the second floors of all those historic buildings.  There are architects, insurance agents, attorneys, various consultants and other service providers conducting business above the retail shops. One of the more intriguing upstairs businesses we found recently is Sheltered International.  From the name you would be hard put to guess what it does.  Tents?  Animal shelters?  Hurricane shelters?  The answer is none of the above. …
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Is Your Business Prepared for the Chinese New Year?

  The Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is China’s most important holiday. This year, the festival begins on January 25th, 2020. Similar to Thanksgiving or Christmas in the US, people travel back home during the holiday season to spend time with their family —with one giant difference. All Chinese offices and factories close for nearly three working weeks, allowing workers in coastal Chinese cities to travel to their inland homes. The period of increased travel surrounding CNY is the largest human migration in the world. If you are wondering why one of…
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Sheltered International Founder Andrew Ciccarone

Sheltered International Founder Shares Journey of Transforming the Freight Forwarding Experience Andrew Ciccarone knew the freight forwarding industry was in need of a technological face lift. After graduating from Florida State University in January 2011, he became the East Coast Manager for an international freight forwarding and customs service. After four years with the company, he became restless. Armed with a knack for technology and a natural entrepreneurial spirit, Ciccarone couldn’t help but notice a resistance in the industry to keep up with advances in technology. He saw clear opportunities for improvement in the freight…
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Sheltered International Overseas LATAM Manager Jose Esteban

Freight Forwarding Latin America Manager Shares Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Jose Esteban joined the Sheltered International team in June of 2018. As the Overseas LATAM Manager, he is the driving force for our Bogotá office. With more than six years of experience in the International Trade business, he is an invaluable addition to the team. As a professional in International Trade, he possesses special knowledge on air freight exports and imports. He boasts over nine years of customer service experience with a special focus on customer satisfaction, which shines through in how he manages freight…
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Customers, Quotes and Tracking Made Easy with SiShips

How to Use SiShips to Manage Customers, Quotes and Shipments Whether you are new to SiShips or have been with us since day one, it is clear that technology is the future of the transportation business – and the future is now. our management interface is Designed and built based on our years of shipping and customs expertise, SiShips is intuitive and useful. It guides you through each step of the shipment process, from creating and managing customers to generating accurate quotes to tracking shipments. Read on to explore each element of our software and…
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Get to Know the Shipping Resource Center: 19 Tools to Help Your Business

Keep shipping simple with our calculators, converters, and more. Managing your business takes a lot of time, and spending an afternoon Googling complicated acronyms or trying to calculate your shipment’s volume weight by hand should be the last thing on your to-do list. That’s why we’ve put all of our tools in one convenient place, ready to quickly answer any questions you might have throughout the shipping process. Just as SiShips guides you seamlessly through each step of the freight experience, our shipping resource center leads you to the knowledge you need. Conversions Resources No…
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What to Know About Coronavirus and Its Effects on the Shipping Industry

How Coronavirus is Affecting Trade with China After the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2002, medical experts called for stricter quarantine laws regarding international travel, and thus the shipping industry, in the case of a future outbreak. These regulations are now being put into place as coronavirus spreads through the Wuhan province in China. This quarantine is affecting factories in China as well as those in neighboring countries whose employees have been unable to return to work after visiting family in the Hubei region during the Lunar New Year. Reduced production, coupled with concerns…
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Phase One of US-China Trade Deal Reduces Tariffs

Chinese and American Exports See Decrease in Duty Rates As part of a Phase One Economic and Trade Agreement between the United States and China, signed on January 15, 2020, both countries have halved tariffs on many imported goods. The relevant duty reductions were applied on February 14, 2020. China’s reductions will affect only the extra tariffs put in place on American imports last September. Tariffs on U.S. crude oil will drop from 5% to 2.5%, while total duties on soybeans are reduced from 30% to 27.5%. In total, this will affect roughly $75 billion…
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COVID-19 Creates Shipping Disruption

The shipping supply chain is facing unmatched disruption as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. In over 60-years of global shipping history, the industry has never faced an interruption of this size. While China is finally showing progress in human and economic health, the damage on the supply chains is already done. There is no guarantee that factories will return to full capacity soon. China travel restrictions and quarantine efforts have prevented factories from receiving crucial components from their suppliers. The backlog of factory orders and limited travel options have stressed exporters, container lines…
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How Importers Are Navigating Regulations to Reduce the US PPE Shortage

Sheltered International Donates 3,000 Face Masks to Nassau County First Responders As medical-grade masks become increasingly rare in the United States, many importers are turning to the PPE category in an attempt to reduce the shortage. However, businesses unfamiliar with the process of importing medical equipment may encounter obstacles with FDA registration and licensing, delaying the much-needed shipments further. With years of expertise in the freight industry, Sheltered International can help facilitate this importing process to ensure medical personnel and first responders can access this necessary equipment as soon as possible. With this knowledge, Sheltered…
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