How to Use SiShips to Manage Customers, Quotes and Shipments

Whether you are new to SiShips or have been with us since day one, it is clear that technology is the future of the transportation business – and the future is now. our management interface is Designed and built based on our years of shipping and customs expertise, SiShips is intuitive and useful. It guides you through each step of the shipment process, from creating and managing customers to generating accurate quotes to tracking shipments. Read on to explore each element of our software and see how it can help you streamline your import and export experience.

Creating Customersfreight forwarding with SiShips

Your customers are the backbone of your business. Managing them should be simple and seamless – which is why we created a tried and tested user experience that will save you time, money and stress.

To create a customer through SI Ships, simply choose the customers tab and then select “add customer.” From here, you can add any relevant information about your customer that you need, including their name, email, birthday and logo.

Then, you’ll choose a markup. We offer preselected markups that have worked best through our years of experience, with different tiers for different customer sizes. Markups can be adjusted for individual shipments or for specific customers as well.

Quoting Your Customers

It’s a busy week, and your desk is overflowing with to-dos. You need to get out quotes in a timely manner, but another department needs you, pronto. Luckily, you have Sheltered International at your fingertips, so you can develop estimates at the click of a button (and get back to putting out that fire).

Creating quotes allows for quoting air, less than container loads (LCL) or full container shipments – all instantly. Once your customers have been created, you can track their documents or holds, as well as your estimated profit from different quotes.

To put together a quote, simply input the origin and destination information. Then, you can compare ports, which can be filtered by cost or routing. If you have a more complicated quote, (or our auto rate system can’t accommodate your shipment), our custom quote tool is your MVP. This feature can manage shipments which may need a door pickup or delivery outside the US or may be overweight or oversized. It also allows you to provide Sheltered International with detailed information, helping us give you a fast and accurate custom quote. By providing you with all of the information available, SiShips can help you make informed decisions and offer your customers the best quotes possible.

Tracking Shipments

Transparency within tracking is the key to peace of mind. Our unique tracking feature offers complete clarity for your shipment’s progress. With a search feature plus filters, you can locate your shipment easily, and track it around the globe. We also show key milestones, quality assurance checkboxes updated by our operations team as your shipment moves forward. If you have any modifications to pickup or delivery, you can easily get in touch with our team here as well.

Beyond your shipment, you can also manage important documents through SiShips, including bills of lading, commercial invoices and the packing list.

If you’re busy, we offer automatic email reports to be sent to you and your team for effortless updates. You can even customize these notifications, allowing different teams or managers to receive only the notifications which are relevant to them.

With simple and consistent notifications and reports, you can spend more time focusing on your clients and their quotes – and of course, building your margins!

Are you ready to learn how Sheltered International can change the way you move freight?

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