SiShips Hit the Floor at Largest Tabletop Game Convention

This past August, the Sheltered International team had the pleasure of attending Gen Con 2022 in Indianapolis. The 54th iteration of Gen Con was four days of gaming excitement, with a focus on pen-and-paper games, board games, card games, and more.

It was a particularly exciting time for us, as Gen Con presented a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with fans who order games and collectibles from all across the world. Many of our clients manufacture their products in Asia and attendees of Gen Con are a great representation of the final link in the supply chain.

battletech alpha strike mech con convention center inflatable entrance

History of Gen Con

The first Gen Con was held in 1968 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Thus the name Gen Con, an abbreviation of “Lake Geneva Wargames Convention”. Some fans consider the first convention to have been held one year earlier at the home of Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons. Either way, what originally began as a gathering of less than a hundred people has grown to become the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America, drawing over 70,000 unique attendees before the pandemic in 2019.

The World War I game Dawn Patrol (originally known as Fight in the Skies) is the only game to have been played at every single Gen Con. The air combat board game has developed a cult following over the years and it has become a tradition for attendees to play the game on the Saturday morning of the convention.

While the focus is on role-playing and strategy games, as Gen Con has grown, so has the scope of its vendors. Following the downsizing of video game convention E3 in 2006, Gen Con has invited video game developers to the Indiana Convention Center floor. 

Gen Con went international in 1990 when it was held in Sussex, England. Since then, cons have been held in Paris, Barcelona, Antwerp and even Queensland, Australia.

Vendors of All Sizes at Gen Con

One of the truly remarkable things about Gen Con is its diversity. Not only in the attendees, but in the vendors with packed merchandise booths and tables full of new and classic games. 

d20 dice rolls dungeons dragons catan d4 dice Vendors of all sizes are represented on the convention floor. Popular board game Catan (over 32 million copies sold), Dungeons & Dragons (the best selling game of all time), and Catalyst Game Labs’ new BattleTech: Alpha Strike (who brought an inflatable mech robot to the entrance of Gen Con 2022) are all at home next to small businesses introducing their homespun games for the first time. 

It’s never certain which game will be the next Catan or Dungeons & Dragons, but to reach the largest audience possible, all creators need reliable transportation management services.

Bringing the Global Supply Chain Home

It is an incredibly rewarding experience to view all of the products and merchandise on display at. To see the excitement on fans’ faces as they pore over pins, prints, and other collectibles makes the behind-the-scenes effort to join together the global supply chain all worth it. 

Fortunately, Sheltered International is on the cutting edge of technology that lets us bring the best shipping solutions to all of our clients, large and small. New satellite and deadline tracking features ensure vendors have their goods in time for conventions and the holiday season. Even better, our new mobile app puts the shipper in control at the tap of a finger. 

How SiShips Gives You the Advantage

Sheltered International combines expertise with state of the art software to bring you the highest quality domestic and international shipping solutions. With the world constantly changing, SiShips puts the shipper in control, offering efficient and cost effective ways to ship your product.

To learn more about managed transportation with SiShips, or to view a demo of our software, contact us today.