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Managing your business takes a lot of time, and spending an afternoon Googling complicated acronyms or trying to calculate your shipment’s volume weight by hand should be the last thing on your to-do list. That’s why we’ve put all of our tools in one convenient place, ready to quickly answer any questions you might have throughout the shipping process. Just as SiShips guides you seamlessly through each step of the freight experience, our shipping resource center leads you to the knowledge you need.

freight shipping resourcesConversions Resources

No matter how good Gary in your shipping department may be at math, running numbers all day can be tedious. That’s why we’ve brought together three of our favorite tools that avoid human error and help save Gary time to work on more important things.

Found within our shipping resource center, the Currency Converter can quickly calculate the trade value for two different currencies. Powered by Bank of America, it offers always-accurate exchange rates. Next door, the Metric Converter is an easy way to convert your numbers, whether volume, pressure or another unit, into whatever system of measurement you may need – all with one click of a button. That means you can spend less time dividing out your metric tons and more time multiplying your margins.

Our favorite tool, though, is our Volume Weight Calculator. Simply input the dimensions and weight of each of your boxes to quickly determine the total volume weight of your shipment. With a precise calculation, you can be assured that your shipment costs are accurate too. Since we love saving time and money, this one makes us really excited. We’re pretty sure Gary would agree.

Information Resources

With six categories of containers and different size variations in each, you might feel spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing freight containers for your shipment. To help you narrow down your options, our Air and Ocean Containers tool gives you all the details on dimensions, volume, weight, door openings, and more. It’s all the information you need, found right within our shipping resource center, to become a true container guru.

We know most things are easier to understand when they come with a picture, so we’ve made an infographic to help you compare the eleven different Incoterms, or international terms of trade, that might apply to your shipment. Say farewell to the days of trying to remember if your shipment was DAP or DDP – and what that means for you as the seller. We’ve got it all laid out for you, with fun colors, through every stage of the shipment process.

As our infographic proves, acronyms aren’t just for texting teenagers anymore. If you’re scratching your head about what ICCO could possibly mean, we’ve got you covered. Explore our Acronym List for definitions of over 100 acronyms and terms, from BOTB (“British Overseas Trade Board”) to HVR (“Hague Visibility Rules”) and yes, ICCO, or “International Cocoa Council.”

Similarly, check out our list of Hazmat Definitions to make sure you don’t run into any trouble shipping fireworks (Class B Explosive) to France for Bastille Day because your hazmat certification is out of date. With this easily accessible list of terms, you’ll be sure to feel cool and confident with all of the shipping lingo.

Still need more information? Stay on top of industry news via our list of reputable resources, and dig deeper on trade information, including customs and economic indicators, with easily accessible links straight to the source.

international freight shipping resourcesWorld and Culture Resources

The world of international shipping is just that – international. This can make it hard to keep track of all the different elements that might affect your business. For example, anticipating Chinese New Year can help you avoid costly shipment delays, so make sure to keep track of relevant world holidays. Understanding current storm patterns can help you effectively communicate with your business partners – that why we offer a resource to stay up-to-date on the weather. Accidentally calling your shipping partner in Amsterdam at 3 in the morning is never a good idea, so we’ve included a world clock, and if you need the country calling code for the Netherlands we’ve got that too.

Plus, we’ve gathered maps of both the world and international sea ports so you can know just where your shipment is and help your daughter with her geography homework – it’s a win-win situation. With these resources right at your fingertips, you can avoid the unexpected and the stress that comes with it.

Government Resources

International shipping means international governments, customs, and laws. Our government resources help you stay knowledgeable about how these might affect your shipment and who to get in touch with if you need more information. For example, keep up to date with the Federal Maritime Commission to be aware of all things marine, and explore Forwarder Law to keep informed on current legal cases within the freight shipping world.

Need to do a little diplomacy? Easily search for the contact information of any international embassy or explore our curated list of worldwide customs contacts so you can put out fires without having to search online for a phone number first. It’s the next best thing to having the embassy on speed dial.

How can SiShips be a resource for you?

We understand how important it is to simplify the importing and exporting process. Just as these shipping resources make staying informed easy, SiShips is ready to make your freight experience smooth and straightforward. With our expertly designed software, we can save you time, money, and stress with every shipment. From quoting tools to customer management, SiShips offers methods to streamline each step. That means you can say goodbye to frustrating shipping experiences and hello to more time building the business you care about.

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