Gain Support and Build Customer Relationships with Sheltered International

Though international expansion can often mean untapped business opportunity, many domestic shipping providers don’t have the expertise or resources to take this step. Delivering years of experience in the international shipping industry, Sheltered International can help. With support, training, and access to our white-label software SiShips, small businesses can grow globally. Read on to learn how partnering with Sheltered International can instantly streamline your international expansion.

Simplifying International Expansion for Independent Businesses

international shipping sishipsOur technology platform SiShips simplifies all steps of global shipping, from quoting to tracking to billing. With the software, agents and their clients gain freight forwarding and customs brokerage services in 819 cities across 190 countries. This also makes it possible to produce instant international quotes for shipments, providing clients with the information they need immediately. Questions or obstacles are managed by Sheltered International’s team of industry experts, who are always available to provide support and training.

Plus, SiShips includes powerful tracking technology, allowing the user to track and manage both ocean freight and air freight shipments internationally. With this straightforward freight management, agents can increase sales and expand their business, leveraging relationships with existing customers to serve their international needs. Even better, agents that partner with Sheltered International can also earn a commission, just for using and sharing this software. “Our reps are among the best and brightest in the country,” says Sheltered International President Andrew Ciccarone, “Every day I’m amazed to see how their dedication to customer service. It’s this passion that connects Sheltered with opportunity in countless industries and global supply chains; and vice versa.”

How Our Partner Easy Logistics Management Uses SI Ships

Jeremy Curran, owner and founder of Easy Logistics Management is one of Sheltered International’s partners. While his company utilizes a variety of software programs, he believes SiShips is unique. “I personally haven’t seen a product like that,” he says, “The all-in-one-screen platform – it’s like Travelocity for global logistics.”

Jeremy’s choice of Travelocity for comparison isn’t surprising; he’s an avid traveler, and his passion for adventure has guided his niche in logistics management. He specializes in working with industries that align with his passions, including surf and paddleboards, bikes, solar energy equipment, and snow sports equipment. SiShips has helped him simplify complicated international shipping and offer clients a global range of options. Key to growing his business is the ability to communicate simply and understand client needs, answering questions, determining customer pain points, and identifying what needs fixing seamlessly.

“The ability to see international and global logistics in real-time is a huge selling point. It makes it easier to articulate the value proposition to the clients, visually showing them the tool and how it rates,” he says. After working as an outside sales rep for a large shipping company for three years, Jeremy set out on his own in 2009. His team works remotely, so SiShips’ visual nature has made it easier to communicate and grow the company. He says that software development, which has made business easy, scalable, and transparent, is central to his staying in logistics. “None of us work in the same office,” he says, “If we were still faxing, I don’t think I’d still be doing this.”

Using Technology to Streamline Freight Forwarding

Jeremy is just one of many agents who have discovered the power of our technology. From California to Florida, our domestic partners have enjoyed a streamlined freight forwarding experience, bolstered by extensive systems of knowledge and support. With SiShips’ transparency and expert-designed interface, global expansion is more attainable than ever before, easing the stress of growing your business and giving you more time to develop long-lasting relationships with customers.

If you’re an independent shipping agent or logistics manager and you’d like to expand your business internationally, contact us today to learn more about SiShips can work for you.