All of Your Logistics Solutions in One Place

Sheltered International is excited to share we will now be offering managed transportation. If you’re looking to outsource all of your logistics operations or just a specific segment, such as supply chain discovery or shipment optimization, managed transportation is the best way to grow your business with the assistance of our shipping expertise. Sheltered International will use these new services to enhance our already existing resources of satellite tracking, document management, notification management and delivery deadline tracking.

What that means for you, the shipper, is you will be able to have greater control over your freight shipments while saving on cost.

Put the Shipper In Control

freight cargo shipping containers harbor managed transportationThe singular goal of managed transportation is to empower the shipper with choice. We provide the knowledge and you can make the decisions that work best for your company; it’s as simple as that. Instead of booking on our contracts, we enable your business to initiate your own carrier contracts.

Once your freight is en route, we will use our software and staff to optimize routing, notify you of shipment dispatch, track transit and delivery, and, ultimately, ensure payment and analyze the reported data. Our package of managed transportation services includes:

  • Account Management & Governance
  • Freight Optimization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Vendor Management
  • Flexible Commercials
  • Consulting & Engineering
  • Order Management
  • Procurement & Pricing
  • Risk Management
  • Control Tower
  • Track & Trace
  • Freight Pay & Audit

cargo ships managed transportation freight crane harborA Hybrid Approach to Managed Transportation

There are two options when looking to improve the speed and quality of your freight delivery: your company can purchase a transportation management system (TMS) or you can outsource the logistics to a managed transportation services provider (MTS). The upshot of a transportation management system is greater net savings, however, you are unlikely to see the same quality of service improvements compared to a managed transportation services provider.

But, what if you don’t have to choose?

Sheltered International is now able to provide our clients with the best of both worlds. We will provide you with the value-added services that you select; a few examples include logistics consulting and analysis, carrier procurement, shipment planning, and execution. And, of course, you will have dedicated account teams at your disposal that will provide insight into KPIs, inside industry updates and quarterly business reviews.

Benefits for Small Shippers

Traditionally, shipping has been all about volume, and for smaller shippers who can’t match the output of larger corporations that means being left behind in the dust and dealing with exorbitant prices and poor customer service. Managed transportation is a modern way for companies with smaller footprints to have access to the same benefits of those larger companies.

Managed transportation with give you access to the whole toolbox without the costs traditionally associated with the large operations that enable access to those volume based discounts.

How SiShips Gives You The Advantage

SiShips is able to help shippers of all sizes and experience levels with our flexible account management and à la carte pricing. With the addition of managed transportation we can tailor our services to fit your freight needs best. Whether your focus is domestic or international shipping, SiShips is here to help you find the most efficient way to transport your product.

To learn more about managed transportation with SiShips, or to view a demo of our software, contact us today.