SiShips Expands Existing Information Database with Rail Tracking

We know, now more than ever, that information is the most valuable commodity. That is why we are excited to share SiShips is now offering rail tracking in tandem with our GPS satellite ocean tracking. Our rail tracking will provide near real-time data sent around the clock, increasing transparency in the shipping process and enabling our shipping partners to be constantly aware of the location of equipment and railcars on more than 560 rail carriers across North America. Our enhanced intermodal tracking abilities will provide more data that you care about in order to improve performance and efficiency while reducing cost.Cargo Ship and Train Terminal

It’s All About the Data

More data points means greater transparency and a greater ability to save you money. Utilizing wayside detectors, the system processes over 11 million events every single day, guaranteeing instant and, more importantly, accurate insight into the status of your shipments. These systems enhance our already vast ocean database and result in more detailed ETAs, Standard Point Location Codes and waybill information.

Unique Benefits of Hybrid System with AIS Satellite Tracking

Our goal has always been to provide complete shipping visibility throughout the entire shipping process from initial loading to final delivery of freight. Our intermodal network allows us to fulfill that mission better than ever before as we deliver a seamless transition from sea-to-land. AIS satellites were first implemented in 1974, meaning we have decades of data to rely upon. Couple that with the terrestrial rail tracking, which contains data points from nearly 200 years ago, and you have an incredibly reliable system that is able to foresee changing conditions like no other.

Screenshot Hybrid Ocean Rail Tracking SoftwareReduce Costs, Improve Performance

The sheer amount of data available through SiShips can be overwhelming, and even feel insurmountable to wade through, and that’s exactly where SiShips comes in to synthesize the seemingly inscrutable information. SiShips is able to improve efficiency for any company by keeping track of the entire fleet in one place. Our shipping partners are able to reduce overhead and shift their personal and invaluable IT resources to focus on their core business. There is no need to worry about bad orders, stress about disputed fees or demurrage charges when you have the exact location and timing of every single shipment at your fingertips.

How Can SiShips Give You An Advantage

Freight is constantly moving across thousands of miles every day. Sheltered International is dedicated to providing near real time information to our shipping partners in order for them to make the best decisions when it comes to their product needs. From local depots to international ports, our unique combination of technology and shipping expertise will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Rail tracking combined with AIS GPS satellites means you will never be in the dark about the status of your cargo.

To learn more about rail tracking via SiShips, or to view a demo of our software, contact us today.