Freight Forwarding Latin America Manager Shares Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Jose Esteban joined the Sheltered International team in June of 2018. As the Overseas LATAM Manager, he is the driving force for our Bogotá office. With more than six years of experience in the International Trade business, he is an invaluable addition to the team. As a professional in International Trade, he possesses special knowledge on air freight exports and imports. He boasts over nine years of customer service experience with a special focus on customer satisfaction, which shines through in how he manages freight forwarding at our Sheltered International Bogotá branch.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Esteban studied financial analysis and graduated in 2012 with a commercial and strategic focus. Before joining Sheltered International, Esteban spent nearly five years at DHL Global Forwarding, and ten months with Damco. His passion for the logistics business is rooted in his commitment to constant improvement. In the world of logistics, keeping up with the ever-changing world is the name of the game. Esteban thrives in an environment that provides constant innovation and opportunities to guarantee customer satisfaction through the changing of the times.

Freight Forwarding LATAM ManagerHow long have you worked at Sheltered International?

I started at Sheltered International in June 2018, so about a year and a half.


What does your day-to-day entail at the Bogotá office?

I’m in charge of the performance of the BOG team. Mainly, I support the Pricing and Sales Development Department. I also act as OPS support or back-up when the team needs it. Additionally, I maintain the administrative tasks involved with managing a branch office, from making necessary payments, meeting obligations and supporting Human Resources when necessary.


Why are you passionate about your job?

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. The world never stops. In logistics business, you need to move forward with that movement to be prepared for the future challenges. We also commit to working as a team to keep growing on a personal and professional level!


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

While I like to read, enjoy time with my family and friends and practice sports, I also enjoy some extreme activities. Adrenaline makes me feel alive! In fact, I do a lot of activities, read, enjoy time with my family and friends and practicing some sports but mainly some extreme ones, I like to feel the adrenaline because makes you feel alive! For example, I enjoy sky diving and want to one day become a professional sky diver.


What do you feel like is the most helpful online resource or tool Sheltered International offers within the platform?

I think the Quoting tool is very useful for all the customers and Sheltered International staff. It saves both time and effort by providing competitive pricing quickly. Also, the tracking view is amazing. It’s important to our customers to have updated and accurate information about shipments that they can view in real time!


How does having an office out of Bogotá give you leverage internationally as a company?

Our Bogotá office helps grow our business. Our professional team works hard to give customers all they need and share those customer experiences with the other office. This gives us more visibility and new ideas to keep improving each day. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win. We cover all the customer needs and our business gets stronger each day!


What insights do you predict for 2020 within the shipping and transport industry?

As I mentioned before, in the logistics business the world never stops. We need to constantly move forward to prepare for future challenges. There will continue to be a need for freight forwarding because customers will always need to move their shipments around the world. Focusing on continued improvement and customer satisfaction is the key to becoming customers’ first choice and to help improve lives all around the globe.


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